Bulk Email Using Microsoft Word Mail Merge

Open Outlook, loading the profile configured with email address from which you want to send the messages.

Open Microsoft Word and compose your message in Word like you would compose any other document. Once the message is ready:

Click on Mailings >> Start Mail Merge >> E-mail Messages

Click on Select Recipients >> Use an Existing List

Find the spreadsheet containing the mailing list, select it and click Open

If there are multiple sheets inside the file, select the one containing the list and click OK. Otherwise, simply click OK.

If there are multiple columns with data inside the spreadsheet, you may need to specify which column contains email addresses.

Your Recipient field should now show the number 1, meaning the list has been loaded and you are ready to send messages starting with recipient number one. If you click on the “Last” button the Recipient value should correspond the number of email addresses in the spreadsheet.

Make sure the recipient field shows number 1, then click on Finish and Merge >> Send Email Messages

Specify which spreadsheet column contains email addresses or accept the default, type in your subject, and click OK.

Messages will be sent one by one to all recipients in the list. Both Outlook and Word should remain open until all messages are sent. You can monitor the progress in Outlook’s Sent folder. When Outlook’s Outbox reaches zero, the process is complete and the Word document can be closed.

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