Papercut Client - Windows

Below are the instructions for Windows computers on installing the papercut client and how it will function once installed

Press and hold the windows key on your keyboard and then press the R key, the run dialogue box will appear.

Copy and paste this line of text into the box -->>  \\smu-prt-off\PCClient\win\client-local-install.exe and then click OK

The papercut client install will open, click "I accept the agreement" and then click Next

Click Next on the following window

Make sure "Local Install (for all users)" is selected and then click Next

Click Install on the following window

Leave the check mark in the box to launch client and click Finish

When the Login window pops up click Cancel, the client will automatically use your windows credentials

Once things are complete you will see the client dialogue box, you can click the X which will minimize the client to the taskbar and allow it to still run. The balance amount may or may not change, however this has no affect on printing, it is merely a server setting that may be used for internal ITSS purposes only.

Once this client is installed, you will continue to print as you have in the past. If you are authorized to print for multiple accounts and you send a job to a network printer, you will receive the following pop up window. You will click the drop down arrow to select the shared account you wish to charge the job to and then click Print. The method of picking print jobs up from the printer will remain the same.

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