Updating Keychain Password for Printers on Mac

After a user activates they will need to update the password for the print server in the keychain or they will not be able to print from a Mac.


If the password has not been updated the user will see the printer on their dock with a yellow exclamation mark and if they open the window they will see their job with Hold for Authentication under it. The user should hit the X to cancel the job and proceed to the steps below to update the Keychain with the new password.


Click on the Spotlight magnifying glass, it will be in the top right corner by the clock and start typing keychain. This will give the user quick access to the Keychain Access application in the list, which they should click to open.

Once Keychain Access is opened, start typing print in the search box and it will display the keychain entry for the print server. The user can then double click on the entry to open it. 

Once the entry is open, the user will need to click on the Show Password box at the bottom of the window. The user will be prompted for the admin password for the Mac, please enter the password and then click Allow.

Once Allow is clicked, it will display the current password for the printer server. The user will then enter the NEW S# Password that they used during activation and click Save Changes, the printer should now funciton normally.

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