Registering your Key FOB

Registering a key FOB to your account for use with Papercut

Locate the FOB reader attached to the Konica Printer

Tap the key FOB to the reader, it will beep and the registration window will appear on the printer screen

On the registration screen, you need to enter your S# and associated password, simply tap in either field to open the keyboard

In the username screen, enter your S# and then tap OK in the bottom right corner

In the password screen, enter your password. The shift key (for capitals or special characters) is near the bottom of the screen, when tapped it stays on until your tap it again. Once your password is entered, tap OK in the bottom right corner

Once the username and password are both entered you will be back at the registration screen, tap OK in the bottom right to proceed with registering the FOB. If successful, the printer will login you in to its normal menu screen, if the credentials entered are not correct it will beep and bring you back to this screen. If so, please confirm your S# displayed is correct and try re-entering your password.

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