Loan of Equipment

Any person (staff or student) taking equipment for use off of University premises must sign a “Loan of Equipment” form accepting responsibility for its safekeeping. The form includes a statement whereby the person signing accepts financial contribution to the University in the event of loss caused by their negligence.

To safeguard the University and the individual concerned it is always recommended that anyone borrowing a computer for use at home should add it to their household contents coverage whilst they are responsible for its safekeeping, even though they do not actually own it.

For your own insurers to agree to offer indemnity, there must be proof of responsibility – i.e. the Loan of Equipment Form; it is therefore essential that this form is completed.


  • Faculty must present valid, current ID when reserving and picking up equipment.
  • Faculty and departments are financially responsible for equipment signed out to them.
  • The SAS will block out certain equipment for special periods to ensure its availability for a particular course or project.
  • You are expected to honor return times for equipment.  If late, a TTA will come seeking the equipment from your department.
  • Reservation periods are set at a maximum of one week, with a single one week renewal available (renewal request through ticket must be made before due date).