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Most of us have been using email and online calendars for many years, and are comfortable using them for daily business communication and to stay organized. It is helpful to have a resource however, in case you haven’t completed a task in a while, or forget the steps of a particular function.

Microsoft has a support section that provides an overview of Outlook, and detailed information on how to complete basic tasks, like:

  • Adding an email account
  • The basics of email communication (create, send, forward or reply)
  • Managing attachments
  • Adding email signatures 
  • Creating a calendar appointment
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Setting reminders 
  • Creating contacts, and more.

Windows users can view and bookmark the Microsoft Outlook 2010 Support Guide as a handy reference.

There is also a guide to the Outlook Calendar on the Microsoft site.

Mac users will find helpful resources through the Learning Roadmap for Outlook for Mac 2011

If you are still having trouble completing an email or calendar task, contact the ITSS Help Desk.

Email Tip: If you are using the blind carbon copy feature (BCC), be aware that different systems can display BCC addresses when the “To” field is empty. Always specify an address in the “To” field (even your own) when using blind carbon copy.



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