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This page will provide you with information on how to access and use your voicemail. Please direct all questions or issues to the Help Desk.


Keypad Commands
Skip Backwards 1
Play 2
Skip Forward 3
Previous Message 4
Record 5
Next Message 6
Message Commands 7
Mailbox Commands 8
Call Sender 9
Help *
Attendant / Through-Dial 0
Stop / Exit #
Message Commands
Reply 71
Play Envelope 72
Forward 73
Reply All 74
Compose 75
Delete / Restore 76
Send 79
Message Help 77*
Message Options 70
Cancel / Exit 7#


Mailbox Commands
Log In 81
Greetings 82
1 External Greeting

2 Internal Greeting

3 Temporary Greeting

9 Personal Verification
Log Off 83
Password Change 84
Distribution List 85
Go to a Message 86
Message Options 80

On-Campus Access

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Press the MESSAGE button.
  3. Enter your mailbox number and press #.
  4. Enter your password and press #.

The Message button dials 5100 for accessing Meridian Mail.

Off Campus Access

  1. Dial 420-5100.
  2. Enter your mailbox number and press #.
  3. Enter your password and press #.

New Users

All new system users must do the following things:

  • Record Personal Verification
  • Record External Greeting
  • Change Default Password

Your mailbox number is the extension number (the last four digits of the phone number). Your default password is 1 + 2 + extension number.



Keypad Commands


Editing Messages:
While you are recording your message, you can do the following:

Skip back 5 seconds
Listen to your message
Skip ahead 5 seconds
Begin recording
Pause during recording
(Continue playback: press 2)
Delete message
Add to end of message

Call Sender (Internal Messages Only)

You can call the person who sent you a message without logging out of Meridian Mail.

  1. During or after you have listened to the message, press 9.
  2. The system automatically dials the person's extension number.
  3. You have two (2) minutes to talk with the person. If you are longer than that, MM will log off your mailbox for you.
  4. To return to your mailbox within two minutes, press the DN key and * to continue (SL-1 and 2009 phones) or press * (Unity Plus phones).

Attendant / Through-Dial

Mailbox Custom Operator:
To transfer to the Department Secretary from a mailbox, press 0. If the secretary is not at their desk, or is on the telephone, you will be routed to their mailbox.

Calling the Switchboard Operator: 
To reach the University's Switchboard Operator, dial 00.


Message Commands

Meridian Mail will notify you of new messages in your mailbox by either activating the light beside the MESSAGE key (SL-1 and M2009 sets only) or by a broken dial tone (Unity sets). You can play part or all of any message as many times as you like, move forward and back or to a specific message by using the prompts listed below.

Skip back 5 seconds 1
Play the message 2
Skip ahead 5 seconds 3
Pause during playback 
(Continue playback: press 2)
Go to previous message 4
Go to next message 6
Restore deleted message
(only if you have not logged off)
Go to specific message
Press 86 and message number
Message Information 72

Reply to Sender (Internal Messages Only)

  1. After reviewing the message, press 71.
  2. To record an introduction to the message, press 5, then begin recording.
  3. Press # to stop recording.
  4. If you wish to tag the message, click here for information on doing this.
  5. Press 79 to forward the message.

Forwarding Messages

If you receive a message that should have gone to someone else, you can forward it as is, or add your own personal introduction at the beginning:

  1. After listening to the message, press 73.
  2. Enter the mailbox number, then #.
  3. You will hear the person's name. Hit #.
  4. To send the message without an introduction, press 79. To record an introduction, press 5.
  5. Press # when you have finished recording.
  6. To send the message and introduction, press 79.
  7. Go to another activity or log off (83).

Reply to Sender and All Recipients

Applies only to people who have received a message from a distribution list.

  1. After reviewing the message, press 74.
  2. The system will present the first name on the list.
  3. If you want to hear the list of people the reply will be sent to, press 72.
  4. To begin recording press 5.
  5. Press # to stop recording.
  6. If you wish to tag the message, click here for information on doing this.
  7. To send the message, press 79.

Composing a Message

You can send a message to someone without calling them directly:

  1. Press 75.
  2. Enter mailbox number and hit #. You will hear the person's name.
  3. To send to more than one person, continue entering mailbox/distribution list numbers. End each by hitting #.
  4. To begin recording, press 5.
  5. Press # to stop recording.
  6. If you wish to tag the message, click here for information on doing this.
  7. To send the message, press 79.

Delete / Restore

If you have deleted a message and wish to restore it, you can do this by pressing 76 and selecting which message you want to restore.
Note: You cannot do this after you have logged off the system.

Message Options: Tagging Messages

After you have finished recording your message and before you press 79 to send, you can assign tags:

URGENT Informs person that the message is urgent
PRIVATE Recipient cannot use the forward command
ACKNOWLEDGE System sends you a confirmation that message was received and when
TIMED DELIVERY Delivery of message can be delayed for up to 31 days in future

To Tag an Unsent Message:
After you have finished recording the message, but before you press 79 to send:

1. Enter 70.
2. Select the tag(s) you wish:

1 – Urgent
4 – Private
5 – Acknowledge
6 – Timed Delivery (the system will prompt you for date and time)

3. To use another tag on the message, repeat steps 1 and 2. 
4. To send the message press 79

To Remove a Tag from an Unsent Message:

Repeat the steps above. Re-entering a tag number will deactivate that tag.

Note: Sent messages cannot be changed.


Mailbox Commands

Greetings (External/Internal/Temporary/Personal Verification)

The external greeting is the default and is played to all callers. If you wish to have separate greetings for external and internal callers, you can also record an internal greeting.

To Record a Greeting:

  1. Press 82.
  2. Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting, or 3 for temporary greeting (see below for separate instructions).
  3. If you already have a greeting recorded, press 76 to delete the greeting.
  4. Press 5 to record.
  5. Press # to stop recording.

To listen to your recording, press 2. To re-record, repeat steps 4 and 5. To delete, press 76. If the greeting is acceptable, press 4 to return to the main menu or log off by pressing 83.

Temporary Greetings:

The Temporary Greeting is heard by all callers, and can be used for times when you are out of the office for a set period of time by setting an expiry date. Record your temporary greeting by completing the steps described above, then:

  1. To set the expiry date for your temporary greeting, press 9.
  2. Enter the month, day, and time, pressing # after each entry. For the current month or day, press # only. For the standard expiry time of 12:01 a.m. with any future date, press # for the time.
  3. To exit, press 4.

Personal Verification (Your Name and Phone Number)

  1. Press 82.
  2. Press 9.
  3. The system will play your name if you previously recorded it. New mailboxes will tell you there is no personal verification for this mailbox.
  4. Press 5, then speak your name and phone number.
  5. Press # to stop recording.
  6. To listen to your personal verification, press 2.
  7. To re-record, repeat steps 3 and 4

Important: If you have the same or similar name as other staff or faculty, include your department name in your personal verification.

Logging off the System

Press 83. The system will say "goodbye" and disconnect you.


You can either change your password voluntarily, or the system will prompt you to change it every 90 days. You must have two password changes before you can reuse an old password. Passwords must be a minimum length of six (6) digits. To change your password:

  1. Press 84. Enter your new password and hit #.
  2. Re-enter your new password and hit #
  3. To confirm change, enter old password and hit #.
  4. You can start another activity or log off (83).

Distribution Lists

Each mailbox can create up to nine lists with 99 mailboxes in each. To enter numbers into a distribution list:

  1. Press 85.
  2. Enter distribution list number (1 to 9) then #.
  3. Press 5 to compose your list.
  4. Enter mailbox numbers (or name dial), separating each by #.
  5. When the list is complete, press #.

To Check Contents of Distribution List:

  1. Press 85.
  2. Enter distribution list number (1 to 9) and #.
  3. Press 2.
  4. The system will play personal verification for each mailbox in the list.

Review your distribution lists frequently and keep them up to date. Delete distribution lists by pressing 76.


Other Tasks

Name Dialing

When the system prompts you for a mailbox number, you can use the name dialing feature by pressing 11.This allows you to spell the person's name (last name first) by using the letters associated with the keypad on your telephone. If you do not know the complete name, or are unsure of the correct spelling, enter the first few letters and hit #. The system will announce persons with names similar to what you entered. To select the person you wish, press the number associated with the name.

Express Messaging

You can send a message without logging onto the system.

  1. Dial 8250 on campus. Dial 496-8250 from off-campus.
  2. Enter the mailbox number and # or dial 11 to use the name dialing feature.
  3. You will hear the person's personal verification and "Please leave a message after the tone."
  4. Leave your message and hang up.

Avoiding Greetings

If you reach someone's voicemail greeting and you do not wish to listen to it, press #. This will bring you to the record tone, where you can leave your message and hang up.


Transferring Calls

...to Express Messaging:

  1. Transfer the call to 8250 (the express messaging number) by using the Conference feature on your phone
  2. Enter the mailbox number and #.
  3. Complete the transfer promptly or the caller will not hear the person's personal verification and record prompt

...to Another’s Mailbox:

  1. Transfer the call using the Conference feature.
  2. If you do not wish to complete the transfer and return to the caller, press the DN key on SL-1, 2008, 2009 and 2616 phones. On a Unity Plus phone, press 83.

Call Forwarding to Meridian Mail

When your telephone is call forwarded to Meridian Mail, it will not ring, but your callers will get one ring and then your greeting will be played to them.

Your telephone must be call forwarded to the Voice Mail access number 5100. To learn how to forward your calls to voicemail, access the Telephone Use Guide.

Voicemail Password Reset


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