Setup Passwordless Authentication


Setup Passwordless Authentication


Setup Passwordless Authentication

Important: This can only be done 3-days after you have Setup Microsoft Authenticator (MFA) App. If you get an error stating that you cannot setup this feature with multiple accounts, please contact

With passwordless authentication, you can access a trusted device without having to enter a password. Only the two digit number is required.

Step 1: Open your authenticator app and click on your Saint Mary's University email

Step 2: Click on 'Enable phone sign-in'

Enable phone sign-in

Step 3: Read the screen and select Continue

with your phone

Step 4: Sign in with your email and password

sign in with your organization account

Step 5: Authenticate the sign in by entering the generated 2 digits

authorize with two digits

Step 6: After that you will see that you've successful set it up if you see that "Passwordless sign-in enabled'

Passwordless sign-in enabled

You can also find an attached video to this article that shows the setup process.

This will make it a lot easy for you to log in to your account on trusted devices.

Congratulations! You are all setup!



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