Popup keeps appearing in Outlook Asking for Credentials


If your account has expired, please go to activate.smu.ca to reset your password.  If you are still having issues with a popup message appearing in Outlook asking for your password and you have also checked the box to remember password, you may need to remove the saved password from your computer and retry.

If this is happening continuously even though you are putting in the correct password, please do the following with Outlook closed:

1.  Click on Start and search for Credential Manager.  Then select Windows Credentials:

2.  Find the line under Window Credentials that has the email address having the popup issue in Outlook.

3.  Then select it and Remove From Vault.

4.  Reopen Outlook and type in credentials one time and select to Remember Credentials.



Article ID: 522
Mon 3/15/21 9:59 AM
Mon 7/25/22 1:24 PM