Understanding the Display. Monitor, Projectors and TV's


An overview and troubleshooting guide for projectors, monitors and TV's.


Saint Mary's uses a wide variety of projectors and flat panel TV's to display content from laptops and PC's. Sometimes, a display will not function as expected and this article will help you understand why and how to solve it. 

Primary and Secondary

Every PC has a monitor, this should be considered the 'primary' display. A projector or TV would typically be considered 'secondary'. 

Sometimes a PC will incorrectly consider the projector or TV to be 'primary', this can happen as a result of a Windows update, user error, power outage or many other factors. 

This will typically result in the displayed image from the PC being shown ONLY on the Projector with a blank image on the monitor (Windows 10). 

Quick Fix

If this happens, the quick fix is to press and hold the Windows Key (located bottom left of keyboard between CTRL and ALT) and the 'P' key. A menu will appear on the working display. You must then select 'Duplicate'. 

Permanent Fix

The 'permanent' fix for this is to thaw the PC (DeepFreeze) and then refreeze it in the Duplicate mode. (ITSS technicians will do this)

Extended Mode

This one is the most confusing, since it does appear that the desktop is showing on screen. Yet it will not show the same thing on both screens (duplicate mode). However, 'extended' mode DOES have a purpose. Specifically, it is used for Powerpoint presentations that require the use of 'presenter view'. 

Presenter view allows the user to see their notes built into PowerPoint alongside a preview of upcoming slides. Clearly these notes should not be shown on the projector or TV for all to see, hence this 'extended' mode allows the professor privacy in that regard. 

Extended Mode Swapped

As mentioned, the modes can be confused. If you find yourself in the position where your notes ARE on the projector and the main slideshow is showing on the PC monitor, you can access a quick menu at the top where you can 'swap presenter view and slideshow'. This should all be tested prior to class if possible. 







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