How To: Vena Add-In Installation

The implementation of the Vena software for budgeting and forecasting is well underway and EIT is assisting Financial Services with the implementation. As previously communicated by Financial Services, the university‚Äôs operating budget will now be developed and subsequently managed using the Vena system through the input of budget information by budget owners directly into the system.

Vena is Excel based and therefore requires installation of an Add-In which enables access from Excel to the Vena database. Installation of the Add-In only takes a few seconds of your time; instructions are provided below.

How to Install the Vena Add-In

Vena is an Add-In to Microsoft Office products therefore you can install the Add-In only on Windows platforms. The Add-In can be installed through a web browser (Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended).

  • Ensure that you are connected to the SMU Network either by:
    • Ethernet cable on campus
    • Forticlient VPN on a wireless connection
  • Close the Office programs, Word and Excel
  • Click on the Vena Add-In link or enter the Vena web address in a web browser

Please note: If you are a Mac user, please contact the EIT Help Desk at 8111 or via email; (The customer will need to have a windows OS installed on the Mac as a second operating system.)

Vena Add-In Installation Confirmation

Once the Add-In has been successfully installed, a new tab will appear on the Excel task bar as illustrated below.

*Please note The Add-In must be installed before you commence input of budget information into the Vena system*

Next Steps

When a new version of the Add-In is available it will automatically update when you close a Vena file in Excel.

The Add-In can also be updated on demand from the Start Menu: Start>All Programs>Vena Solutions>Vena

EIT Assistance

If you encounter any issues with the installation of the Add-In or require assistance, please contact the EIT Help Desk at extension 8111 or via email;

EIT Help Desk
Loyola Academic 268 or Atrium Ground Floor
Phone: 902-496-8111
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