Trend Micro Employee Pricing Program available for student, faculty or staff of Saint Mary’s University

TrendMicro is pleased to offer Employee Pricing Program to the Saint Mary’s University community. This plan enables the University community to purchase Trend Micro’s consumer products at a greatly reduced price. This special offer is available to you while you are a student, faculty or staff of Saint Mary’s University based on our existing contract agreement with TrendMicro.

To take advantage of this discount price, members of the University community are required to create an account with their university email address to make a purchase on the TrendMicro Employee Pricing Program Portal


- Every user will have to create a new account the first time they log in; this serves as the

  authentication layer.

- The 75% discounts will be shown.

- Canadian pricing will be displayed when the user clicks through to the shopping cart.

Purchasing procedure

Go to TrendMicro Employee Pricing Program portal and create an account with your Saint Mary’s University email address. After the creation of your account, log in and choose your operating system (e.g. Windows or Mac), and the number of software purchases desired based on the number of devices you want to have Trend Micro installed at 75% discount of the original price.

Once the purchase is made, a license key is generated and sent to your registered SMU email address. You then download and install the software, putting the supplied license key into the activation window when prompted for the license key.

You can make a purchase for Windows PC (which can also be used for Mac, iOS and Android devices) or for a Mac Only purchase (which is good only for Mac).

Note: After making your purchase, remember to disable automatic renewal after purchase to ensure you are not bill automatically on the next renewal date.

For support:

 Kindly contact Trend Micro Contact Support on 1 (800) 864-6027,

 Monday to Friday 5:00am – 5:00pm (US Pacific time)

Ways to make purchase after a year (365 days):

1. To renew your last purchase:

About 30 days remaining of the 365day (i.e.11 months later) the system will send an email with an option to renew the current license at a certain discounted rate (i.e. 25 to 50% off depending on the product). The user can choose to do this for simplicity sake.

2. To purchase a new License (this will ensure you still get the 75% discount):

  • Log into the TrendMicro Employee Pricing Program Portal and purchase a new license key at 75% off the list rate.
  • You will receive an email with a new license key.
  • You then need to activate the new key by going into the settings within the Trend Micro application.
  • Click the Trend Micro settings icon and find the button that says “Renew/Activate”.
  • Click the “Renew/Activate” button and there will be a link that says, “Have activation code”.
  • Enter the new key code and it will change the Serial number. This method involves a few extra steps but it is worth it to save an extra $5 - $10 CAD.
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