Setup an Avaya 2050 IP Softphone Release 4.04.0217 for windows PC only

Setting up your VoIP SoftPhone first you must be logged into the SMU VPN using a Client on your Computer/Laptop Windows only supported

1: PC Must have a Headset or Audio Device with a MIC and Speakers.

2: Download AVAYA Softphone and install on your PC. Note the correct version “Avaya 2050 IP Softphone Release 4.04.0217” other versions will not work properly.

3: Open Icon “A” -2050 IP Softphone and click on the “A” top-left under “File” select “Settings” an make you setting the same as 1-4 of the attached file pictures

4: For this you will use the example of attachment 5 and setup your TN # this number is and must be assigned to you by EIT the NODE ID will be CS - “1000”

Step 1: Help_Desk_Links 1 VOIP_Server.PNG

Step 2: Help_Desk_Links 2  LIC's Server.PNG

Step 3: Help_Desk_Links 3 Hardware-ID.PNG

Step 4: Help_Desk_Links 4 Sound.PNG

Step 5: Help_Desk_Links 5 TN & Node.PNG


Operation of Phone’s is the same being at SMU, dial a full 10 Digit # for outside 7,902-420-XXXX

For on Campus phone just dial the 4 Digit  XXXX

However for IP phone to other IP phone we need to Dial Outside first then the number  7,902-420-XXXX

Local SMU Link # setup_404217.exe


Links off site to Download Windows PC,

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