Catalogue of Content Types and What They Do

Content in the body of the Saint Mary's University website (white central area of a page) is formatted by things called "content types". The Content Management System (CMS) has many different content types with variour formatting that you can use depending on your needs. Some content types are very flexible and allow you to organize information on the page in the way you want, and other content types are pre-formatted so that they organize information in a set pattern that stays consistent.

You can have more than one content type on a single page.

List of Content Types

Description of Content Types

1) General Content Type

Design/Layout: No set design or layout structure. Allows free addition of text, photos, links etc. in the way the user designs.

Example page:


2) SMU5 Academic Publications

Design/Layout: Image on the left with text to the right and bottom of the image. Used for Academic Publications.

Example page:


3) SMU5 YouTube Video Gallery

Design/Layout: Thumbnail of a YouTube Video which when clicked on leads to the YouTube page with the video to play. Each copy of this content type will display 12 videos on the page.

Example Page:


4) Quotes

Design/Layout: Quote box with rounded corneres and light grey, slight gradient, background. Blue, gradient, circle with white quote marks at the upper left corner of quote area. Text within quote area can be formatted with links and images. Quote author located in smaller text, right justified within the quote box.

Example Page:


5) SMU5 Image with Red Overlay and Tooltip

Design/Layout: 255px x 310px profile image with 255px x 80px maroon, semi-transparent overlay. When the image or overlay are clicked on an email application is opened to send an email. When a mouse hovers over the semi-transparent maroon area a tooltip with the individuals name, phone number and email appear. Each use of this content type represents one image, when multiple copies of this content type are used consecutively the images are formatted into a row with no space between them. As the screen size expands and contracts the images will stack, centered on the page. 

Example Page: TBA


6) SMU5 Sidebar Widget: Facebook Like Box

Design/Layout: This content type can not be added or modified by the end user. It can be added to a departments entire website, or just one specific page within the site. This is a facebook widget that a user can click to visit the departments facebook page. This widget is positioned under the main menu on the right hand side of the webpage.

Example Page:



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