How To: ClearOne Conference Phone Setup

1. Connect the power adapter to the conferencing pod (picture shown above) and plug it into an electrical outlet.

2. Connect the telephone cable to the base unit and plug the other end into a wall jack. Connect the power cable to the base unit and plug into an AC outlet (shown below).

USING YOUR MAX WIRELESS PHONE (from the official documentation on

PDF Manual is downloadable on the right hand-side of this article.

To Make a Call
1. Press the ON/OFF key. You will hear a dial tone.
2. Dial the number as you would on a standard phone. The number is displayed on the LCD screen.

NOTE: You can also pre-dial the number while in standby (inactive) mode and press the ON/OFF key to connect the call. Press and hold the pound key (#) to enter a pause in the dialing string.

Elapsed time is shown in minutes and seconds until one hour passes, then the elapsed time is shown in hours and minutes. Remaining battery life (talk time) is shown on the right side of the LCD screen. Off-hook status is indicated by the phone icon on the upper left side of the screen.

To Add More People to the Call
Use the FLASH key to activate conference calling.
This will put the original call on hold. Dial the number like normal, and it will automatically add the second person to the original call that was put on hold. 

To Answer a Call
Press any key (except the star * key, MUTE, VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN) on the keypad to answer the call.
When there is an incoming call, the phone rings and the LEDs on the phone and the phone icon on the LCD screen flash.

To End a Call
Press the ON/OFF key. This disconnects the call and returns the phone to standby mode.

To Redial a Number
Press the ON/OFF key. You will hear a dial tone.
Press REDIAL to dial the last number called.

NOTE: You can also press REDIAL while in Standby mode to display the last number called. To connect the call, press the ON/OFF key.

To Adjust Ringer Volume
While the phone is ringing, press VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN.
While the phone is inactive, press VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN. The ringer melody will play once at the new level.

To Mute a Call
• Press MUTE to mute the call.
• Press MUTE again to un-mute the call.

NOTE: Press and hold the 1 numeric key to enter a hyphen or the “*” key to enter a space in the number. Press CLEAR to delete the old number before entering a new number.

To Access a Speed Dial Number
• Press the SPEED DIAL key. This feature must be programmed before use. See Programming Features in PDF manual for additional information.

To Display Your Local Number During a Call
• Press CLEAR. The phone number will appear. After several seconds, the call timer will return.

To Adjust Speaker Volume
• Press the VOLUME UP key while on a call to increase volume.
• Press the VOLUME DOWN key while on a call to decrease volume.

To Turn the Ringer On/Off
• Press and hold the star (*) key. The ringer off icon illuminates when ringer is turned off.

To Mute During Ringing
• Press the star (*) or the MUTE key to mute the ringer until the incoming call terminates.

The table below describes alert tones used by MAX Wireless.

Troubleshooting Table
Use the table below to troubleshoot your MAX Wireless system

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