What login credentials will I get when I activate my account? What are they used for?


  1. SMU Email Address & Login Credential for use and access to the following:
    • On-campus computers and WiFi
    • Office 365:
      • Your SMU Outlook email account.
      • MS Office software including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • Self-Service Banner:
      • Self-Service Banner is used for course registration, viewing your tuition/fees (account summary by term), final grades, tax forms, and much more.
      • Go to www.smu.ca, Click “Quick Links” from top right corner, Select “Self-Service Banner”.
    • Banner Admin Pages (staff/faculty only)
  2. sNumber Login Credential for use and access to the following:
    • SMUPORT:
      • To access Brightspace (Learning Management System) from within SMUPORT
      • Where you apply for residence via the Residence Portal.
      • Access course content, announcements, and current grades
      • SMUSA health/dental plan (SMUSA Health Waiver)
      • Go to http://smuport.smu.ca/
    • Brightspace (Learning Management System - your courses)
    • You may be requested to use your sNumber for other system logins.  


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