S-Number: How do I set up, activate, re-activate, or reset the password for my S-Number (S#)?

  • Go to http://activate.smu.ca to re-activate your s# password
  • If you do not know your A# PIN, you will have to either:
    • Go to http://selfservice.smu.ca, enter the "Secure Area", input your A# and click on "Forgot PIN?"
    • Or, visit one of the EIT Helpdesks during regular working hours (8:30am- 4:30pm) (Atrium or Loyola 268) with a piece of photo ID
    • Or, call/email the Service Centre, (902)-420-5582; Service.Centre@smu.ca
    • Or, email Helpdesk@smu.ca with your A# and date of birth


EIT Help Desk
Email: helpdesk@smu.ca 
Loyola Academic 268 or Atrium Ground Floor
Phone: 902-496-8111
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