Bubble Sheet Scanning

Procedures for faculty (or designate)

1. Complete a Multiple Choice Scan and Score Request Form, and fill out the test answer key (IN PENCIL ONLY), prior to delivering bubble sheets to the SAS. This form must be completed by either the faculty member responsible for the scan, or a designate. The form is to be confirmed by SAS staff before bubble sheets are accepted.

2. The faculty member responsible for the scan, or the designate indicated on the Multiple Choice Scan and Score Request Form, must deliver and pick up the scan documents in person from the SAS. The individual delivering or picking up scan documents will be required to sign for them, as a record. The faculty member must provide written permission to release the scan materials to an alternate, either in hardcopy or an e-mail.

3. The scan will take up to three business days to complete. The results and item analysis will be e-mailed to the faculty member at his or her @smu.ca email address after the scan is complete. In accordance with FOIPOP guidelines, no external email addresses will be used.

4. Scan documents not picked up after five business days will be returned to department secretaries, who will sign for the delivery. Envelopes returned to the SAS will be sent to the office of the respective faculty Deans.

5. SAS staff sign confidentiality agreements to abide by FOIPOP regulations and Studio policies in the course of their work.